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Community Centre Consultation

Wednesday 25th April

Day Centre 6-8pm

The approximate outline of the proposed community centre has now been marked out on the Memorial Field.  Please do go along and take a look before attending the community engagement event on Wednesday evening.

Can you spare an hour to help with the “Spring Clean Up” on 29th April at 2pm?

For further details see the Events page

Paddock Wood Town Council is looking for volunteers to help with the Community Speed Watch scheme.  For more details please contact the Town Council Office or look at the News tab on this website.


Paddock Wood is a small town with a population of 8,253 (according to the 2011 census) which lies between Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge. Unlike many of the surrounding villages Paddock Wood is comparatively new and owes its existence to the railway, which arrived in 1842.

By 1851 a sizeable village had grown and by 1900 Paddock Wood was the hub for a network of branch lines throughout the Weald.

It was the railway that brought the thousands of hop-pickers to the area from London for their annual hop-picking holiday. Although some travelled on to other areas, Paddock Wood was becoming the centre for the hop growing industry so many remained in the area.

Ideally located for London and the South Coast, Paddock Wood has become a busy commuter town. There is a diverse range of commerce and light industry, and it is the centre for the distribution of fruit and vegetables to and from Europe. It also continues to be a centre for hop growing.

As a small rural town Paddock Wood has much to offer including an interesting range of local shops, good schools and excellent sports facilities.