Rules and Conditions governing the Cemetery


and Garden of Remembrance


These Rules and Conditions apply to the Cemetery and the Garden of Remembrance, Church Road, Paddock Wood.  A copy of the current fees is available either on the Council’s website or from the Town Council offices.   Any correspondence relating to these rules and conditions must be addressed to the Town Clerk, Paddock Wood Town Council, Podmore Building, St Andrew’s Recreational Field, St Andrew’s Road, Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6HT, or telephone 01892 837373 (email

Rules & Conditions

These rules and conditions were agreed by Paddock Wood Town Council on 22 April 2013 and supersede all previous rules and conditions.

1. The Town Council as the Burial Authority, maintains all the records relating to the Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance, including detailed plans which show the precise position of each grave.  These records can be examined during normal office hours but if enquiries are being made to trace family records, a fee may be charged at the discretion of the Burial Registrar (Town Clerk) for which a fee of £1 per page is applicable.

2. The Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance are primarily for Paddock Wood residents.  Non-residents may be buried here, but the fees are normally doubled although the Burial Registrar has discretion to waive this under certain circumstances.

3. The legal way by which a family acquires ‘ownership’ of a grave or ashes plot is by means of a Grant of Right. Most grave plots in the Cemetery have Grants of Right limited to 75 years, at the end of which the graves revert to the Council and can be reallocated or re-used.  This also applies to plots within the Garden of Remembrance.  When this happens the memorial if any, can be reclaimed by the family or re-sited or removed by the Council.

A Grant of Right is a legal title, which can only be issued in one name.  It may however be transferred from one name to another, for example after the death of the named Grant owner. Anyone wishing to do this should contact the Burial Registrar.

4. Within the area of the Cemetery and the Garden of Remembrance there is not usually a choice of position.  The Council will allocate the next available plot.

5. Only coffins or caskets made of degradable materials may be used.  Ashes cannot be scattered in the Cemetery or the Garden of Remembrance.

6. Before a headstone or memorial can be erected or any additional inscription be added to an existing memorial, an application for approval including details of the size, design and inscription, must be submitted by the Funeral Director, Stonemason or Rights owner to the Burial Registrar for consideration.  Payment of the “Right to Erect” or “Additional Inscription” fee must accompany the application or have been paid in advance.

The maximum dimensions normally permitted for headstones and memorials in the Cemetery are as follows:

(a) Height not to exceed 3 ft (92 cms)

(b) Base Plinth not to exceed 1 ft (31 cms) from back to front

(c) Base Plinth not to exceed 30 inches (77 cms) in width

In the Garden of Remembrance to ensure that uniform plaques are erected, the Town Council has approved the following style:

17.5 cms by 7 cms, cast bronze, raised finish, fine emery finish, toned bronze, stove lacquered.  Plaques are to be secured to the kerb edging with brass screws by the Funeral Director or Stonemason.

7. No individual planting of grave spaces, no erection of kerbstones and no placing of vases etc, is permitted. The Town Council grasses over each grave space after a reasonable period has passed from the date of interment, to facilitate the good upkeep of the cemetery.

For those wishing to place tributes on a grave space, wreaths and natural flowers are preferred but these may only be placed on the headstone.  Dead or faded artificial flowers will be removed at the Estate Manager’s discretion.

The leaving of items such as dolls, gnomes, toys etc is permitted only at the time of interment. These will be allowed to remain for one calendar month and then carefully removed and stored by Council staff for a further month, awaiting collection or disposal. From time to time council staff will check the grounds and remove items that have been placed on grave spaces in contravention of the regulations. These will be stored by the council for a period of one month if owners wish to reclaim them.

8. The Council permits the planting of one rose shrub per plot in the Garden of Remembrance.  The cost of the planting of the shrub is included in the fees and will be carried out by the Council’s staff at the appropriate time of the year. REPLACE WITH Rose shrubs only are to be planted in the Garden of Remembrance. The cost of these is included in the fees and they will be planted by council staff at the appropriate time of year.

9. Approval must be sought from the Burial Registrar for the placement of memorial bench seats within the Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance who will arrange for any request to be submitted to Estates Committee for consideration.  Applicants will be expected to make arrangements for the supply of their own bench and to pay the supplier.  The Council does not arrange for plaques.

10. The Town Council is responsible for maintaining the grounds generally and has the right to take action to maintain graves and memorials which are deemed to be unsafe or unsightly.  This includes the cutting back of overhanging foliage and removal of shrubs or roses considered to be diseased or dead.  The Town Council is not obliged to contact the families before taking any such action.

11. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times within the general area of the Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance and owners must clean up after them.

12. Cycling and the playing of games is not permitted nor must rowdy behaviour take place.

13. Vehicles are not permitted to enter the Cemetery or Garden of Remembrance, except for interments or disabled access.



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